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How to Add Programs to Right-Click Menu in Windows

In this video, I show how to add or remove any software from the desktop right-click context menu in Windows pc with simple steps. At the end, I also added ...a bonus tip to make your work faster.

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Tutorials for Blender Beginners

Watch these free best blender 3D tutorials for beginners
Learn realistic 3D modeling, animation, procedural texturing, tips and tricks, and more.
Although these tutorials are intended for beginners, you should be familiar with Blender fundamentals such as moving objects, adding texture nodes, and so on in order to understand them.

1) Modeling Tutorials:

These tutorials will take your beginner skills to intermediate. You will learn new tips about camera movement smoothing from the skyscraper animation tutorial, and from the map modeling tutorial, you will be introduced to how to use SVG format in Blender and how to use curve properties in order to change the depth and shape of it.

Create simple realistic twisted and also normal Glass Skyscraper Animation like you are recording it from a camera in Blender 3D with procedural texture ( you don’t need any additional textures to create this animation)

Convert your 2D SVG images to 3D in Blender by watching this world map creation with the help of SVG. This tutorial will save you time if any client asks you to convert their 2D logo to 3D in Blender.

2) Tips and Tricks:

These tutorials are not meant for learning Blender but They will show you how to do some stuff like Rendering your whole scene as a Clay render, Viewport render and Wireframe render with easy steps. You will learn how to export the Particle system in Blender.

Learn how to create Clay RendersViewport AnimationWireframe renders, and many more by watching this tutorial. You need to learn this because nowadays when you are submitting a realistic render on a social media platform like Facebook, Reddit, or Discord, they ask to provide Wireframe or Clay render to verify that it was your Model. Also, these renders will make a huge impact on your portfolio.

Export your particle system to any other blender file without any effort. Convert the particle system into other 3D formats like .fbx .obj .blend and use the Particle system as a 3D file in your favorite 3D suite or share it

If any shortcut key or hotkey doesn’t work in Blender, then follow this simple and short video on how to change the shortcut in Blender. A few computers are having issues with the redo shortcut, Shift+Ctrl+Z. Learn from this short video how to change a shortcut in Blender software.

Beginners who started learning Blender in 2022 will get this White display error after the render because they follow outdated tutorials. In this video, you will fix this problem completely.

Bulk Rename all objects and other files with a single click. Reorder your models, Remove unwanted symbols and Gaps. you can also change the name case to Uppercase, Lowercase, and Title case. Learn How to add names at the beginning and end without messing up your file names.

Convert a normal Image or a LOGO to a 3D model using Photoshop and Blender software. Convert Image {JPG, JPEG, PNG } to SVG format using Photoshop and then Import that SVG to Blender 3D and transform it to a 3D model. Achieve a realistic look by following this tutorial.

3) Blender Shorts:

Don’t waste your time while adding a new node in the middle of an existing node setup. This video will help you merge multiple nodes with a single drag. you need to enable Node Wrangler Add-on to make it work.

Blender Beginner tutorials for free
For more best Blender Beginner tutorials, visit my YouTube Channel.

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Here are some latest posts about Blender software and a few tutorial posts.

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