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Learn Blender tools from this tag. Blender has a lot of tools to learn from and It takes ages to learn everything. Learning some of the most important and frequently used tools will be a timesaver. If you are a Blender Beginner and Intermediate artist, then these will be very useful for you.
I’ll try adding more and more new tutorials weekly. I take requests If you want anything in Blender. Please feel free to comment.
Improve your skills with useful and frequently used tools because this will make you learn faster.
If you are migrating from any 3D software, you will feel different when you use Blender cause the names and the hotkeys are different from any other software. Here I can with that too. Let me know If you didn’t find a solution to your problem on the Internet.

Blender HDRI

How to add HDRI in Blender

Change the default gray background in Blender and replace it with a HDRI with a single click. In Blender the scene background is refers as world background. All the settings to change the world background will be located in the world properties with a globe icon in the bottom right panel. Changing color Changing only …

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