What is Shadow catcher in blender

Shadow Catcher in Blender

There are thousands of 3D greenscreen footages available online but ever wonder how those were rendered with shadow casting without the background being rendered?

With Shadow Cather you can do that easily. Know how to use Shadow catcher in Blender and create your own green screen footages.

Follow along this short video.


Transcript for this video

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to my channel.
I’m Bhagath Goud.

Today we are going to render only the shadows without the source that the shadow was falling on.

This will be useful when someone asks you to create a transparent PNG so they can put the PNG image on whatever background they want.

A lot of greenscreen videos you find online will use the same technique.

Shadow Catcher

We have a simple Burger 3D model casting a shadow on a plane.

All we want is to make the plane disappear but not the shadow,

We have to select the plane, then go to the object properties, then “visibility“. Here you can see an option called shadow catcher. As the name says, it will catch the shadow.
Enable the “shadow catcher,” and the plane will disappear.

Now go to Render Properties, scroll down a bit, click on “Flim” and enable “transparent“.
Now we can see the shadow falling on the plane, without the plane being visible.

Let’s render it and save it as a PNG.


If you want to render it as a greenscreen, all you have to do is, go to “compositing” click on use nodes, Add an “Alpha over” node, and place it in between, Add a viewer node to see what’s going on.

We are seeing only white because we connected to the wrong image input, so connect it to the other image, and now we can see our render. Let’s change the white background to green, and that’s it. Now you have a render with a greenscreen background.
That’s it for today. For more useful Blender videos, subscribe to my channel.

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