How to Fix Black artifact in Blender cycles when overlapping

How to fix Black color artifact in Blender cycles viewport easily. Fix overlapping faces.

From Blender 3.1 update if any object that is overlapping or intersecting, a black artifact or a black face is showing up in the viewport of cycles render engine. This Black artifact in Blender can be easily fixed by correcting the overlapping mesh.

A lot of Blender users reported this error to the developers and Blender stated that it was not a bug and it is part of the update.
The only way to fix this black artifact is by correcting out mesh by not overlapping them in the first place.

There are other methods to fix this issue. I uploaded a 2 minute dedicated video on this topic on how to fix it.

If you have no time to fix this issue by correcting the mesh, No need to worry. There is an alternative fast method to fix it by going back to Blender 3.0 version.

What causing Black Artifacts in Blender cycles?

This is part of ray tracing and the main thing that is causing; mesh is overlapping each other. Blender mentioned this in an article that Overlapping geometry creates artifacts severe than before.

How to fix overlapping geometry to avoid Black artifacts?

Any overlapping mesh should be either removed or have a little bit space between them.

Different methods to solve Blender Black artifact:

  1. Use Boolean modifier if two different mesh overlap each other
  2. Move one of the overlapping face slightly by holding shift key if single mesh creates overlapping issues
  3. Re-build the mesh again, where two different faces are overlapping each other.
  4. Go back to Blender 3.0 or older versions to not show this black artifacts at all.

I always inform if there is an update about this. You can access every latest information or update from me by video tutorial from the Tutorials page.

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