4 Kinds of Bulk Rename Options in Blender (2023)

Batch Rename option in Blender - Rename All with one click

If you are looking to bulk rename your models, armatures, materials, or something else in Blender with a single click, then you are in the right place. Did you know? There are multiple types of bulk renaming in Blender, which is one of the most important tasks to learn. This option will come in handy when someone asks you to rename all files in Blender at once. You can find and replace your files with case sensitivity, clean up your file names with punctuation marks and spaces, and re-order the messed-up file numbers at the end and beginning of a name with the Batch Rename option.

  1. Rename all or selected files at Once
  2. Remove unwanted symbols, and gaps, and re-order your file names
  3. You can add a specific word to the beginning or end of a file name
  4. Change the Case of a name like Uppercase, Lowercase, and Title Case

List of Bulk Rename options in Blender

You have the luxury to rename your preferred type. There is a big list of options that you can bulk rename in Blender.

  • Objects
  • Collections
  • Materials
  • Meshes
  • Curves
  • Metaballs
  • Volumes
  • Grease Pencils
  • Armatures
  • Lattices
  • Light
  • Light Probes
  • Cameras
  • Speakers
  • Bones
  • Nodes
  • Sequence Strips
Blender Tutorial about Batch Rename tool and How to use it?

How to Bulk Rename in Blender?

To bulk rename anything, you need to do that with an option called “Batch Rename.” It is located in the Edit menu. You can also access it by using the hotkey Ctrl+F2 to open Batch Rename directly.

Batch Rename option in Blender
Batch Rename Location in Blender

When you open the Batch rename dialog, you will see the “Selected” and “All” options.

Selected renames only the objects that have been selected. If you want to rename every object in the scene, choose the “All” option.

You can select here what you want to rename. Bones? Objects? Materials? or something. You can choose that from the options shown in the image. It is set to “objects” as the default.

There are 4 types of Bulk Renames.

  1. Find/Replace
  2. Set Name
  3. Strip Characters
  4. Change Case

1)Bulk rename with: Find/Replace:

When you open Batch rename for the first time, The default type is set to Find/Replace
If you don’t know what “find and replace” will do, it takes the name entered in the “find” field, searches for it in the selected objects, and replaces it with the name we provided.

Bulk rename option in Blender
Batch Rename option

Enter the name that you want to search for in the Find box, provide the name that you want to give your files, and then click OK to rename your files. (Enable the Case Sensitive option, If you want to find your file names with the exact capital and small letters/Case Sensitive)

This way you can bulk rename your files with Find and Replace

2)Set Name:

When you select Set Name, you will be presented with three options:

  1. New
  2. Prefix
  3. Suffix


It removes the current name of your file and replaces it with the new name.
Example: I want to change everything in my scene to a single name. I’ll select “All” and type “Created in Blender.” and when I press OK, everything in the scene will change to “Created in Blender.”


The prefix adds a name to the beginning of our models.
Example: I want to add a word at the beginning of every name. Then I will select Prefix and type “Lowpoly-” and when I click OK, every name of the objects that I selected will have “Lowply-” at the beginning of its name.
eg:Cube” to “Lowply-Cube


If you know the prefix, then you will guess what a suffix does. Suffix does the exact opposite of that; it will add a name to the ending of the object
Example: I want to add a word at the beginning of every name, so I will add “3D model” in the “Name” box, and then every file I select will have “3d model” at its name ending.
eg:Cube” to “Cube 3d model

3)Strip Characters:

If you want to remove any unwanted symbols, clear any gaps in the name, and reorder the digits at the beginning and end of a name, this will do the job for you.
Example: Let’s say I have a symbol at the end of a name and one at the beginning, objects that are not in the correct order, and I have gaps in the name.

What Stirp characters to in Blender - Remove symbols
Strip Character option in Blender

When you open Batch Rename, click on the “All” option, choose “Strip Characters,” and if you hold down the Shift key, you can select multiple options at once. Select every option by holding down the shift key, and when I click OK, everything from the outliner will be cleared of unwanted gaps and symbols and renamed in the correct order.

4)Change Case:

The “change case” option will transform our selected model’s name into

  1. uppercase
  2. lowercase
  3. title case

Uppercase: This will turn your file names into capital letters.
Lowercase: This will turn your file names into small letters.

  • Uppercase “LOW POLY MODELS”
  • Lowercase “low poly models”

Title Case: A title case converts the first letter of each word to a capital letter.
example: If you give “low poly models made in blender” and press OK,
Then it will turn your name into “Low Poly Models Mase In Blender

These are the four types of bulk renaming options in Blender that can help you save time. I hope this will help you do your work faster. If you like this post, please share it with your Blender community. I wrote a lot of detailed posts about Blender; please check them out. I strongly believe it will help in your progression.

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